Sample Tooling Project Status Report

Magic Precision's staff is always on top of the project and regularly sends out project status reports to customers in clearly laid out format.

Tooling Manufacture Schedule 

Customer Happy Customer
Part No. R860701, R860702 (Zinc)
Part Name M HSNG FNT, M HSNG BACK (Zinc)
Date 9/14/2009
Procedure  May June  
Tooling Design   5/12~5/15        
Design Complete/Approval 5/15~5/17        
Tooling Material Preparation 5/18~5/20        
Tool base Machining     5/21~5/23      
Heat treatment     5/24~5/26      
Electrode Machining     5/27~5/29      
Tool Insert fine Machining   5/30~6/2 5/30~6/2    
EDM       6/3~6/5    
Polishing       6/6~6/8    
Die fitting       6/10~6/11 6/10~6/11  
Assembly         6/12~6/14  
Tool Trial         6/15~6/16  
Machining + Painting           6/17~6/25