Investment Casting

Investment Casting 2

Investment Casting

Investment casting (also called lost wax casting) is a multi-step process that delivers accurately cast and economical products. It can be used for low quantity, complex components. The tooling cost is lower than that of die casting or gravity casting, with the tradeoff in higher part unit cost. The materials used range from aluminum, steel, stainless steel to titanium.


Investment casting services

  • avoid elaborate tooling for parts with unusual or complex internal configurations
  • efficiently and accurately produce small, intricate, or hard-to-machine shapes
  • create higher quality, more detail, and greater consistency for many parts
  • efficiently combine several machined parts into one casting
  • are ideally suited for both long and short runs

  • have the ability to cast metals and alloys that are hard to machine or fabricate
  • are able to make parts that cannot be produced by normal manufacturing techniques
  • produce virtually identical finished parts
  • require minimal surface finishing and only minor machining
Investment Casting 4

Alloys Cast and Part Weight Range

For small volume order, we can provide investment casting parts made of aluminum alloys, such as A356T6, A6061, and A514.2 (AC7A).

For structural parts, customers can use carbon steels, such as SUS 304, or AISI 4140.

The part weight we provide is from 3 g to 5 kg (aluminum).

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