Request a Quote for Die Casting Parts

For Most Accurate Quotes for your Die Cast Parts

Please provide us with the die cast part's 3D CAD drawings (such as IGESSTEP, or X_T). We can also quote based on 2D drawings (in DWGDXF, or even PDF format [but with weight information]). We can also import CAD files directly from popular CAD software, such as Pro/ENGINEER, UGS, Catia, and Solid Edge. In addition, we need the production information listed in our RFQ form. Quoting turnaround is typically within a week, and can be even sooner if there is special timing constraint.

Please also check out other die cast resources on our web site, such as common Design for Manufacturability (DFM) suggestions for die casting.

What are in Our Detailed Die Casting Quotes

Our quotes itemize the pricing for the following die casting processing steps (whenever applicable). We also break down pricing by minimum order quantities (MOQ).

  • Prototype
  • Tool
    • Die casting die
    • Die casting trim die
    • Printing screen and fixture
    • Machining fixture
    • Flattening fixture
    • Inspection fixture
    • Die inset
    • Die base
    • Tool life guarantee (# shots)