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Magic Precision specializes in serving international customers who are looking for die casting services for low to medium volume productions at low cost and fast turnaround. Our seasoned English speaking engineering staff can take you from product inception all the way to product deliveries. In addition to our core die casting services, we also offer related manufacturing and post processing technologies to simplify your sourcing management.

Looking for an alternate or second sourcing die cast manufacturing partner?

We specialize in low to medium volume production orders, delivering from our factories in Taiwan.
We have been a tier-one supplier for large international customers since 1998, with innovative die casting and contract manufacturing solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Track Record

Over two decades of experience with satisfied customers in Europe, Japan and USA. We are ISO 9001 certified and our customers include some of the world's toughest, who require highly aesthetic or high precision die cast parts, among others.

Engineering & Low MOQ

We are ISO 9001 certified and our engineering staff excel at all aspects of the die casting manufacturing life cycle, from Design for Manufacturability (DFM) consulting to problem-solving during productions. Wide range of Die Casting machine capabilities from 2g to 50kg at short lead time and cycle with 1st-piece success. Lowest total cost of manufacturing for small to medium orders.

Customer Service

Our highly skilled, English-speaking staff work directly with your design engineers every step of the way, from the design stage through product delivery. We own and manage the entire life cycle of a die casting manufacturing project.



Working closely with the Design 1st team, the staff at Magic Precision help us develop high quality metal cast, plastic injection, machined parts and final assemblies. They are a trusted manufacturer for our cost driven global clients.

Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey founded Design 1st over 20 years ago. Design 1st has grown to become one of Canada's largest, most prolific physical product design specialists.


After representing Magic Precision in Calif., Ariz., and Nev. for 3 ½ years, I have to say I have been very pleased with my results to date, and overall the fit with my customer base has been excellent. What is most encouraging are the plans Magic Precision has for growth and expansion of their capabilities and support and I feel management recognizes the right objectives and goals and wants to invest in their/our future. I am convinced they are committed to this.
Overall I continue to feel Magic Precision offers excellent alternatives for low cost production for low to medium volume metal and plastic components with aggressive lead times and industry standard quality levels.

Tom DeHart, President

Special Metals Supply originally opened as Manufacturers' Representative Agency back in 1959. Initially working in wrought metals, we have since expanded our areas of expertise and work with all types of metals, including aluminum and zinc.


Magic Precision has been an excellent vendor for our die casting needs. They are extremely competitive in both lead time and cost. In addition, they have been a helpful partner in our design process, providing essential design for manufacturability advice early in our product development life cycle.

Gerson Goldberg, Vice President of Engineering (2015)

Whipsaw is an Industrial Design and Engineering consulting firm with studios in San Jose and San Francisco, California. We are known for creating smart, unique and intuitive solutions that profoundly connect with end users on both a rational and emotional level. We’re also known for consistently creating popular products that dominate their market niche while helping our clients achieve greater business success. Since our founding in 1999, over 500 Whipsaw-designed products have shipped to market in many diverse industries for startups to international corporations.

We switched to working with Magic Precision after our previous die caster in Asia had derailed our project badly: quality was poor and schedule was way behind. In fact the first thing we asked Magic to do for us was to send their staff to retrieve our tooling from China! I'm sure that was not part of Magic's service offerings, but they dispatched their staff anyway (the staff later commented that he was shocked by what he saw and could not understand why we'd chosen the previous die caster, whose factory was in such poor shape!). Magic literally saved our project and since then has demonstrated their capability and professionalism in every project we've undertaken in partnership with them. They are an indispensable manufacturing partner to any critical project where quality and cost are equally demanding!

Stephen Morrish, Supply Chain Manager

Omnilux Inc.

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