Manufacturing Process Life Cycle


Customer fills in RFQ form and submit product design (2D/3D) for us to provide a quote.

Our engineering studies RFQ and provides quotes based on volume.

Turnaround: 1-2 weeks.

RFQ Form

Project go-ahead

Customer approves our quote and kick-off project.

Design & Specs Update

Customer sends latest CAD drawings, design notes, and specifications.

3D (igs/stp)/ 2D (dxf/dwg) drawings for casting, machining and finishing are preferred.

Tooling Design

Customer provides tooling design guidance or transfers existing tooling.

We designs new tooling or modifies existing tooling. Provides new tool design drawings for approval.

Turnaround: 1 week

Build/Modify Tooling

Customer reviews and approves tooling design.

We builds or modifies tooling.


  • New tooling: 30-60 days.
  • Modification of existing tooling: 3-15 days.

First Sample Production

Customer examines first production sample from us to determine if any modifications are needed (e.g., minor sizing adjustments).

We change tooling based on customer's feedback.

Turnaround 3-15 days.

First Batch Production

Examines first production batch and approves production readiness.

Turnaround 2-3 weeks.


Places order and schedules production.