Gravity Casting

Gravity Casting (a.k.a. Permanent Mold Casting)

Gravity casting (called Permanent Mold Casting in USA and Canada) is useful when dealing with aluminum and other light alloys. It can serve for parts with undercut by sand-core to meet the feature needs. The metal is introduced into the mold by the force of gravity so the constraint is the wall thickness, the minimum of which is 3.5mm. The mold is usually made of steel and sand (with resin core). The casted material is usually aluminum.

Gravity Casting 3


Gravity casting

  • is cost effective
  • produces good quality components
  • offers process control
  • is best for creating small scale parts
  • does not require a large machine to inject the metal
  • needs much less start up cost than die casting
  • lends itself to more material types

Alloys and Size Range

For small volume orders and designs with undercut, we can provide gravity castings made of aluminum alloys such as A356, A360, A413.2, or others (e.g., copper).

The maximum size of gravity castings we can provide is 1,200 mm x 1,200 mm, the maximum weight is 30 kg.

Gravity Casting Alloy Compositions

ComponentAlCuFeMg MnNiSiSnZn
A413.282.9 - 89.0 %<= 1.0 %<= 1.30 %<= 0.10 %<= 0.35 %<= 0.50 %11.0 - 13.0 %<= 0.15 %<= 0.50 %
A36085.8 - 90.6 %85.8 - 90.6 %<= 0.60 %0.40 - 0.60 %<= 0.35 %<= 0.50 %9.0 - 10.0 %<= 0.15 %<= 0.50 %

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