Cross Reference of Alloys from Different Standards

The table below lists common alloys from different standards as used in different parts of the world.

Cross Reference between JIS, AA, ASTM, CSA, DIN, NF, and BS Systems

REFERENCE AlloyJIS (Japan)AA (USA)ASTMCSADIN (Germany)NFBS (UK)Application(s)
Al-SiAC4CA356 SG70N  LM25gravity, die cast, sand mold
Al-SiAC3AA413.2S12A.B G-ALSi12A-S12LM6gravity, die cast
Al-SiADC1A413S12A.C GD-ALSi12A-S13LM20die cast
Al-Si-MgADC3A360.2SG100A GD-ALSi10Mg LM20die cast
Al-Si-CuADC10A380.1SC84ASC84PGD-ALSi8Cu3FeA-S10U4LM24die cast
Al-Si-CuADC12A383    LM2die cast
 ADC14B390.    LM30die cast
Al-MgADC5A518.2G8AG8GD-ALMg8CuA-G6(11) sand mold
 A199.51050 995 A51Bsheet ,extruded, forged
 ER50525052  AlMg2 2L.55sheet metal, extrusion, wire
  6061     sheet metal, extruded, wire,forged
  7075     sheet metal, extruded, wire