Heat treatment of aluminum castings

Heat treatment

FAs Cast - Castings are cooled naturally from the mold in room temperature air with no further heat-treatment.
T-51Aging Treatment - Castings that are artificially aged by heating metal to 400F for 7-9 hours.
T-6Solution Heat-treated and Artificially Aged - Castings are Solution Heat-treated by heating metal to 1000F for 4-12 hours and quenched in water at 150-212F.
T-7Solution Heat-treated and Stabilized - Castings are stabilized to carry them beyond the point of maximum hardness, providing control of growth or residual stress, or both.


Properties of Cast and Wrought Alloys

AlloyHeat Treatment*Tensile Strength, Ultimate (ksi)Tensile Strength, Yield (ksi)Elongation in 2 inches (%)Typical Brinell Hardness (500 kgf load, (10-mm ball))
A356.2F19 340-70
A356.2T512316 45-75
535 (Almag)F3518860-90
6061 (Wrought)T645401295
A380 (Die Cast)F47233.580