Magic Precision Inc. Expansion

Magic Precision Inc. announced today that it has purchased a 39,000 sq. ft. lot of prime industrial real estate in the prestigious Taichung Industrial Park for use as its new headquarters, which is part of its ongoing expansion in die casting and other manufacturing operations in both Taiwan and China, which mainly service international customers, especially from USA and EU countries,

The new headquarters’ location already has a 3-story modern building, totaling 37,800 sq. ft. of floor space. The company plans to build out another 2-floor, 10,800 sq. ft. floor space shortly, bringing the total floor space at the new headquarters to 48,000 sq. ft. Company plans to use the new headquarters for project management & warehousing. It also plans to move the more sophisticated die casting and CNC machining operations here. The current headquarters at Shatian Rd. will continue to be used for regular die casting operations, which is at a neighborhood where most of Magic Precision’s stable production crew live (many of whom have been with Magic Precision for over a decade, since its founding in 1998).