Magic Precision is ISO 9001 certified.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.



Design 1st

Product development companies that require innovation in their market turn to Design 1st to develop their ideas into market winning product solutions. Design 1st turns to the best companies in the world to refine and produce the critical component parts and housings in their designs.

"Working closely with the Design 1st team, the staff at Magic Precision help us develop high quality metal cast, plastic injection, machined parts and final assemblies. They are a trusted manufacturer for our cost driven global clients".

Kevin Bailey, President

Whipsaw Inc.

"Magic Precision has been an excellent vendor for our die casting needs. They are extremely competitive in both lead time and cost. In addition, they have been a helpful partner in our design process, providing essential design for manufacturability advice early in our product development life cycle".

Gerson Goldberg, Vice President of Engineering

Special Metals Supply Inc.

"For over 35 years I have specialized in die casting sales and marketing. In addition, I have a number of years working in sand cast production working for a foundry in Tacoma, Washington, and I was proud to be a member of the molders union. I am third generation casting salesperson, and I have castings in my blood. I believe in the capabilities and quality of US based companies, but was under extreme pressure by my customers to offer an offshore alternative for cost reduction.

Around mid 2006, and after 28 years working for a major US die caster located in the Chicago area, I decided to make a change. I located Magic Precision by chance with some referrals by industry friends. This new relationship was very much an “experiment” and I hoped for the best, but I was prepared for the worst. After travel to Taiwan (where Magic Precision is headquartered) and Hong Kong (where some of Magic Precision’s major family shareholders are based), I decided to go ahead and work with Magic Precision feeling they had good capability, good management, and a focus on continual improvement. I was ready to gamble and take this risk of recommending them to my customers and prospects.

After representing Magic Precision in Calif., Ariz., and Nev. for 3 ½ years, I have to say I have been very pleased with my results to date, and overall the fit with my customer base has been excellent. What is most encouraging are the plans Magic Precision has for growth and expansion of their capabilities and support and I feel management recognizes the right objectives and goals and wants to invest in their/our future. I am convinced they are committed to this.

Overall I continue to feel Magic Precision offers excellent alternatives for low cost production for low to medium volume metal and plastic components with aggressive lead times and industry standard quality levels."

Tom DeHart, President

Omnilux Inc.

"We switched to working with Magic Precision after our previous die caster in Asia had derailed our project badly: quality was poor and schedule was way behind. In fact the first thing we asked Magic to do for us was to send their staff to retrieve our tooling from China! I'm sure that was not part of Magic's service offerings, but they dispatched their staff anyway (the staff later commented that he was shocked by what he saw and could not understand why we'd chosen the previous die caster, whose factory was in such poor shape!). Magic literally saved our project and since then has demonstrated their capability and professionalism in every project we've undertaken in partnership with them. They are an indispensable manufacturing parther to any critical project where quality and cost are equally demanding"!

Stephen Morrish, Supply Chain Manager